Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Babushka/Matroyshka Invitations

When I was pregnant with each of my girls I had a blessingway (or mother shower - an alternative to a baby shower, where the focus is on the mother and supporting her in preparing for an empowering birth experience). Both times I felt babushkas were necessary for my hand crafted invitations to guests.
In 2007 I made these simple cards:

In 2010 I found this template for a matryoshka/paper doll style greeting card and sent the link to me. I fell in LOVE with the concept, but I wasn't keen on that particular shape for the matryoshkas, so I decided to make my own template to make a shorter, fatter doll.

I used a sheet of A4 paper, grey lead pencil and a stencil set with various sized circles to create my own template. I played around with overlapping, different sized circles until I got them to make the shapes and sizes I wanted. And I made sure they joined in the middle so I could concertina fold them closed.

Almost finished, they needed details (the middle ones were what they looked like open, side two are what they look like folded closed):

And then for the details...

I debated whether or not to put anything on the biggest one's belly, but (obviously) decided less was more.

They also had a little magnet on the back of them so they can be stuck to the fridge :) (coz who doesn't hate losing precious fridge magnets to new invitations, artwork etc that goes on the fridge?!).

By the end of this craft project I was having nightmares about these sweet little faces coming to get me, lol:

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