Welcome to my crafty blog. Here I post about my WIPs and finished projects. I am what I call a "creative dabbler", master of no single craft medium, but happily dipping my toes into a range of crafty outlets including: cake decorating, playing the clarinet, crochet, cross stitch, a little hand and machine sewing and very occasionally I draw and attempt to paint.

When I'm not dabbling in creative projects, I'm a full-time mother of two (soon to be three!) and a part time doula/birth attendant.

Amongst other things I have a love of rainbows, mermaids and selkies, hence the random name of this blog. A selkie is a supposedly mythological creature found in ancient Iceland, Irish and Scottish folklore who is part human with a tail made from sealskin. Unlike mermaids, selkies can remove their pelts and wander amongst humans on their usually hidden legs, which is why I say they are "supposedly" mythological, you just never know if the people you pass in the street may have a hidden selkie skin awaiting them back home ;)

And while searching for the perfect picture of myself with one of my finished projects to feature on this page, I discovered that I strike weird poses with my crafty things *blush

Why yes, yes I did wear my cat in a sling I sewed for my unborn child #wtf

Stay tuned, as I have many old projects from the past few years to slowly add to my posts.

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