Thursday, May 2, 2013

Owl Themed Craft

For Presh's 2nd birthday we had an owl themed birthday party. I chose owl because her 2nd birthday marked the two year breastfeeding milestone, which is the minimum recommendation for breastfeeding duration made by The World Health Organisation, or WHO as they are more commonly referred as. Who! Who! Get it?

Not only was the owl in the centre on pop-up foam squares, but all her body parts too! Double popped.

For her cake I created my own owl design, using chocolate cake, chocolate icing, seven banana lollies, and two fun sized flake chocolate bars. The eyes were not my own design: two halves of two oreo biscuits and two brown MnMs:

I got the idea from this recipe for owl cupcakes but tweaked it (eg. making a cake instead of cupcakes, using different lollies for ears, talons and beak, adding flake, and cutting two triangles out of the sides to create the illusion of a separate head and body).

It was chocoliciously delicious.

Presh on her birthday in an owl themed dress made for her

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