Saturday, April 13, 2013

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

For our youngest daughter's 2nd birthday we threw a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party (VHC is a much beloved book in our family, all dog-eared after years of re-reading). I had a look online for different VHC cake ideas and was particularly inspired by this one, which made use of a bundt cake pan to get the bumpy texture of a caterpillar's body.

I found a fluted bundt cake pan at a local homewares store and worked out that for the right body length I would need one and a half cakes/would need to back two. For the head I used one half of the  sports ball pan, which I originally bought to make half of a spaceship cake for our eldests' 4th birthday.

I made three different shades of butter cream icing for the body and ran over each section with a warm wet baking brush to try to create a smoother texture. Red butter cream icing for the head with a little piped green and yellow for the eyes. I chopped up licorice pieces for the rest, attaching the antennae and legs with toothpicks:

My only regret is that I realised after I'd finished decorating that I had made him face the opposite direction from how he is on the book cover! #OCDfail


It was a big hit with the guests and the birthday girl (who we decked out in a VHC tee with her name on it and spotty VHC patterned cotton shorts):

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