Crochet is my latest creative endeavour. It has been a slow journey, with me first attempting to chain in 2010 and not progressing to stitches until 2012. I made one project with a lot of help from a friend and then it was another year before I attempted to go-it-alone. 

It started to fall into place for me when working on a very repetitive blanket, made entirely from double crochet stitches (after chaining the very first row). Finally I could see for myself where one stitch began and ended, which made keeping track and following patterns possible.

Now I love carrying my bag of crochet projects with me everywhere I go, picking one up and stitching every spare minute I get. I finally understand my crochet-addicted friends and their enthusiasm for all things yarn. I'm hooked, most definitely.

Here are a few of my favourite youtube clips that helped me get started:
How to make a slip knot/get yarn onto hook to start projects
How to "chain" (1st step to crochet patterns)
How to do the "double crochet" stitch
"Turning" for beginners
Making a "granny square" with colour chages

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