Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rainbow Crochet Gifts

For my littlest sister's birthday this year I got hookin' with the 7 colours found in the rainbow. The year before last I pinned this, totally in love with the idea of a rainbow scarf, but not so in love with the heart. 

Once I knew enough crochet, I decided to have a crack. I didn't really follow the tute initially, just chained as long as I wanted and then double crocheted in each colour until I was done. But I did use it to get me started on the clouds, with some adjustments as I didn't need to make them as big with the yarn I had. A nice little coincidence of making them the way I did was that they turned out looking a little like love hearts, which wasn't my plan, but cute.

For the clouds I used a Lincraft brand yarn called "giggles" which was a massive pain to work with, but ended up getting the result I was after and my sis just loves them. She tells me she plans to use the clouds to help deal with stress by giving them a good squeeze when she needs, lol.

For the hat I used this tutorial. My stitches were quite tight so I added another row and did 2 in white for the cloud at the bottom of the double rainbow :)

Despite the 3 months wait, Sis was delighted with her belated rainbow birthday gifts and oh my, how cute she made them look!

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