The same crafty friend who taught me how to cross stitch also taught me how to sew. In 2009 I got a sewing machine and have used it to create hundreds of cloth menstrual pads, a few dinosaur tails, a couple of items of kids clothing (with lots of assistance from my friend), heaps of ring slings for adults to wear babies in and even more little ring slings for kids to wear their toys in and I've also sewn a couple of bags. I find following patterns for machine sewing annoying, so my sewing is generally restricted to projects I can learn directly from another seamstress and remember/replicate myself later.

Last year I also took to very basic hand sewing to create my kids superhero costumes and embroider a cloth for a friend to hang in her birth space. Since then I've also hand sewn some bunny ears. I love the speed of machine sewing, the convenience of hand sewing, which I've done on a train to and from a rock gig lol, but all in all, my sewing projects are few and far between.

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